Hydra is a live-action roleplaying convention held in Wellington. The 6th Hydra will be  run over the weekend of  24 - 26 March 2017, at Brookfields Scout Camp in Wainuomata.


by hydra

1 week to go!

By now you should know which games you are in, and have received most of your character sheets. If not, please get in touch asap.

As always, remember to pack warm - it gets cold in the valley. Here's the current weather report.

Good luck with your costuming. See you next weekend!

by hydra

Progress update

39 Sign ups and registrations so far. Still plenty of spaces overall for the convention. But as of tomorrow night I will start putting people into games to fill them as quickly as possible. So if you want your best chance at first picks in games get your selections in before then. That gives the GMs as much time as possible to cast, and for them to get back to you all quickly with characters and costuming.

Do remember you don't need to come to the whole weekend. People come along for a day or even sometimes 1 or 2 sessions.

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Game selection is live!

If you already have an account - Login, otherwise head straight to the registration page and create an account.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties registering.  

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Game Selection.

Hi Everyone

Game selection will be opening on Friday Feb 26th. More games still to come and schedule is likely to shift around before then.

by hydra

Hydra 2016

Games are being sought and updated for Hydra 2016! Watch this space.