A Game of Gnomes

run by bryn jones

"In the lands of Besteros the best Gnome is chosen yearly in an annual day of games to sit on the Throne and justly run the Gnomish kingdom. The definition of best will be decided by those in attendance via to whom they pledge their allegiance."

In this light hearted two hour game, you will play gnomish versions of the characters from the popular A Game of Thrones TV series, these will be G rated versions of the characters so perhaps those Lannister siblings just really really enjoy each others company.

Some of the characters will be vying to sit on the throne at the end of the game and to do so they must be he one with the most tokens. Tokens are earned by the winners and runner up’s of the games, who will then pick the Gnome they think most worthy of running the Kingdom.

The games will be in the style of the three legged race, hoopla, and musical chairs with perhaps a few slightly more cerebral ones thrown in.

Be in no doubt that this is not a highbrow roleplaying event of deep soul gazing, but a lot of light hearted fun where the fate of the kingdom may end up decided by who had the most ridiculous hats or the rosiest of cheeks.

Game Details
Session: 6
Genres: comedy