HYDRA TV Presents; The Spooky Woods

run by cody drysdale

Have you ever wanted to be in an 80's B-Movie/Slasher Film? Then look no further.
Twelve Teenagers have headed into the Spooky Woods to sing songs, tell ghost stories, get drunk and just generally have fun. Unfortunately for them, Tonight is the night the teddy bears have their picnic

This is a game about surviving your teenage years and homicidal teddy bears


HYDRA TV Presents; The Spooky Woods

This is a game about surviving your teenage years and homicidal teddy bears

*The Opening Scene is of a lone cabin in the woods, it is nearing sunset, the camera pans towards the cabin and through its open doors, Inside in the middle of the room is a table. The tape recorder clicks into life, the tape begins to spin, there's a crackle* and begins playback*

*Queue spooky children's voices*

"If you go into Spooky Woods tonight
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go into Spooky Woods tonight
You'd better go in disguise!
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain
Because tonight's the night the
Teddy Bears have their Picnic
If you go into the woods tonight
You may not make it out alive"

*The scene fades out to show a montage of teenagers packing*


“It's the end of School Exams and twelve Mystery Solving Teens are packing their various bags, packs and vehicles. They are going to Spooky Woods Camp, a popular campsite approximately halfway between Southside Private High School and Northside High School.
Half the kids are members of the Southside Scouts and half are Northside High's most troublesome teens. Neither party is aware of the other as they head into the woods, Nor are they aware of what is lurking in those most spooky of woods”

*The scene returns to the cabin, the camera pans inside once again, only this time the bear is gone*


Setting Information

“Your a bunch of dumb-ass teenagers”
You are a character in an 80’s B-movie/ slasher film so play up literally everything
“May contain jump scares”
There are horror themes but whether or not it's scary really depends on the individual.

“Love and Other Warning Signs”
There are a handful of romantic side plots, this game also features -to some extent- teenage drinking, the effects of divorce on children, fear of retribution and a basic human fear, the dark, or what's in the dark

 “Some Further Warnings” 

The game will almost definitely take place at night and parts of it will take place outside so torches and sturdy shoes will be vital out of character

“Some Assembly Required”
Some Singing, Storytelling and Guitar Playing will occur (quality is unimportant) 

Written (Lets be honest, Probably Poorly) by Codyak Drysdale.


Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 10
Restriction: R16
Genres: supernatural, relationships, ghost stories, comedy horror, direct to tv, b movie, musical, character driven, 1980s, romance
Costume: 80's clothes, but honestly, whatever is fine.