Project Foxtrot: The Aftermath - FULL

run by chris rosedale

The first phase of Project Foxtrot had been labelled a success, reports in the company indicated that phase 2 was going ahead as planned. But then everything was brought to a sudden halt.

No one really knows what when down on the last day, contradicting reports aren't making it any easier. So there's only one way to find out what really happened, send a team in to find out.

Cue Recovery Team Tango. A group of personnel designated with the investigation on site, to collect data & report back.

Part 2 of Project Foxtrot.

A group of people with special skills are sent to investigate the site of Project Foxtrot.   After the strange occurrences around the site, the team will arrive on site, and be required to piece together the happenings of the site and come to conclusions around what happened & present their findings to their superiors.

Will the group have satisfactory answers? or will they be required to continue on until they find out more?

A small game, where co-ordination and sharing of information will prove important.  The outcome is somewhat fluid, as it depends on what the 1st game players ended up doing. 

Game Details
Session: 3
Number of Players: 4-6
Restriction: Vetted Spaces - Please see Game Details before signing up! Jump Scares, physical contact
Genres: mystery, sci fi
Costume: Modern Day / relaxed / casual