A Long Cold Night (FULL)

run by chris rosedale

6 Strangers take a scenic flight, when the weather turns bad, turbulence hits and the pilot yells "Brace For Impact". A survival game that pits the players against the terrain, the weather, each other, and more importantly, themselves.

It's a beautiful day as small prop airplane lands on the resorts islands one and only landing strip.  6 Happy tourists disembark, chatting to each other as if they've had the best time of their life.  The smile and wave and one young women, yells over the sound of the engines, "you'll love it!! best time I've ever had in a plane!" 

You stand next to the people who will be joining you on this scenic flight.  Smiling and wondering if you'll be as friendly when you land in a few hours.  The pilot checks his gauges and nods to himself, he hops out the cock pit and motions you all towards the small door in the side.  "Hop in, grab a seat, there's one for each of you" 



The time slot will be divided into 3 parts. 
1 - The setup, you will be taken to part of Brookfields where you will start the game, a safety briefing will be given and then you will be positioned where you will start the game, where further information pertaining to the situation your specific character is in, will be given too you.

2 - Survive!  Game On will be called.  you will have approximately 90 minutes of game time to complete your objectives.  To survive, you must complete all of YOUR objectives.  There are 3 outcomes, A-Everyone Survives, B-Some Survive, C-NO ONE Survives.  


3 - The Arrival, Those who complete their objectives will arrive safe and sound at the air field, where worried friends and family will be there to meet you.  Will they leave with a heavy heart, or joyous tears in their eyes?  


The game is based on several wilderness survival games, movies and TV shows.  It will be physically demanding, as brookfields can be cold in March and Dark at 9pm!!   Think about these things before you sign up!

Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 6
Restriction: R18 - Physically Demanding
Genres: modern, survival, psychological, trauma
Costume: Modern
Your own interpretation of your character's choice of clothing.