Slash 6: The Neverending Fanfic - PULLED

run by ellen boucher and nik crombie

From beyond the borders of the fantasy worlds, something...comes.

Aughra has gathered figures from the breadth of fantasy, but what are this ragtag band of heroes and villains going to do?

Apart, obviously, from each other.

What does Jareth have down his pants? Can Falkor help people get...lucky? And how DO you become a pirate, exactly?

Most importantly, what happens if you cross a bundle of fandoms including The Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, Monkey Island, Willow, with a whole lot of Disney villains?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more in Slash 6: The Neverending Fanfic. An extremely silly R18 fantasy romp.

Game Details
Session: 5
Restriction: R18
Genres: comedy