Longmuir Hall

run by malcolm harbrow

"Downton Abbey" meets Jane Austen in this a Regency-era larp of romance, inheritance, and scandal.

Following the untimely death of his cousin and heir in a tragic shipping accident, Lord Longmuir finds that his estate of Longmuir Hall will pass to a distant cousin upon his death, leaving his daughters with only a small allowance. The family has gathered to meet the new heir, introduce him to local Society, and to discuss what can be done about this terrible state of affairs.

Longmuir Hall is a Regency-era larp of romance, inheritance, and scandal for 14 players. It is inspired by “Downton Abbey” and the works of Jane Austen.


Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 13 (7F, 6M)
Restriction: PG
Genres: regency, romance, 3 hour, relationships
Costume: Regency