Bodice Ripper!

run by anna klein

A serial killer is on the loose in the romance genre, happily ever afters have been ruined and all of romance is in a panic - will the detective genre help them find the killer?

The romance genre is in an uproar! Someone is murdering key romantic protagonists in a way that is completely unheard of in the genre! Happily ever afters everywhere are in jeopardy, the readers are going to be horrified and no one in romance knows what to do. The romance genre has issued a desperate call for help from the detective genre, who has sent some of their finest genre archetypes to help get to the bottom of this literary butchery and apprehend the culprit - before he or she strikes again!

A comedy larp sending up genre tropes, where players play romance and detective character archetypes in a Jasper Fforde-esque meta-literary setting.

Game Details
Session: 2
Number of Players: 16
Restriction: R16
Genres: comedy, literature parody, mystery, romance
Costume: Widely varied, depends on the casting: you may play anything from a Brooding Billionaire Businessman to a Naive Heiress to a Self-Reliant Cowboy to a Hard As Nails Vampire Hunter.