run by courtney parnell

Venice is a sixteenth century factions game, where players are all members of one of the families and are vying for power.

Venice is ruled by five powerful families: the Capones, the Capulets, the Corleones, the Montagues and the Sopranos.

Lady Theresa Capulet, the Doge, the ultimate authority in Venice, has been murdered and the five ruling families of Venice are meeting to decide who is to replace her…

Come play as a member of one of the five powerful families, and ensure those you love are the ones in control.

Game Details
Session: 3
Number of Players: 12-15
Restriction: Mature
Genres: political, drama comedy, romance
Costume: Mythic sixteenth century Venice, though level of costuming is up to the player. Period accurate isn't expected.