Will that be all

run by donna giltrap

Written by Graham Walmsey

"Will That Be All?" is a LARP about love and relationships between servants, set against the backdrop of gathering war. It starts in the affluent 1920s and ends with the threat of war in the 1930s. There are three acts, between acts a card mechanic is used to describe how character relationships change.

This is an emotional and bittersweet game. Be prepared to have your heart filled with love or broken.

Nominally this is a 3-hour game, but I think it would be possible to shorten the acts slightly to fit in a 2-hour Sunday slot if needed.

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 6-10
Restriction: PG
Genres: historical, relationships, 1930s
Costume: 1920s-30s servants