Louvre Actually

run by philippa mcloughlin

A comedy game of anthropomorphic art.

A special exhibition showcasing selections from the history of Western Art has finally come to the Louvre, and it was at this stop that the artworks had planned to have their big vote to decide whether postmodern art would be accepted into the ranks. There’s just one problem – the Picasso is missing. Beyond that, things are starting to get out of hand as the classics are getting snooty, the Expressionists won’t have a bar of it, the Van Gogh’s depressed, no one even wants to know what the Bosch is doing and what’s so mysterious about the Mona Lisa anyway?

Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: Up to 24
Restriction: none
Genres: comedy, anthropomorphic art, art comedy, silly
Costume: As simple or elaborate as you like - each player will be given a plastic sleeve with their artwork that they can wear over black clothes if that's all they want to do. Otherwise you can try to dress like your artwork, what your artwork would wear as a person, or whatever else you desire.