Untitled Space Larp - FULL

run by cody drysdale

5 Spacers are trapped on a Spaceboat;
The Aspidistra, right in the intersice of two blackholes. Their sails are limp, their hopes are low and time is short.

Untitled Space Larp

As its crew slept the transport ship Aspidistra, a custom rigged Dust-Clipper had been traveling on autopilot until it was caught in a solar storm and was thrown off course and in between the pull of two almost equally sized Black Holes leaving them Space Be-Calmed.

Without the solar winds the Aspidistra is effectively stuck in an eddy, much like the eye of a storm, head too far in either direction and they will be caught in the gravity well of the black holes and be succ’d to death

The Crew of the Aspidistra

Captain Rainer Korse

Firstmate John Smith

Ion Engineer Morvo

Navigator/Helmsmen ē-Yarg

Master of Sails Tal-Meer

1-3 hour game hopefully, lets see how it goes

Written by VerySuperFamousGames

Run by Codyak Drysdale

Game Details
Session: 5
Number of Players: 5
Restriction: M
Genres: space!!!, space, weird
Costume: sPaCe moDeRn

also one rock monster