Quick Wit and Queasy Stomach - FULL

run by russ kale

Last night, you and the other members of Mr. O'Strate's year 13 drama class performed a well-received production of 'Much Ado about Nothing'. Given that it was the last day of school yesterday, there was nothing stopping you all from heading over to Leonato and Antonio's house. The liquor cabinet was raided, Friar brought some of their stash with them, and when people weren't swimming they were off in a bedroom somewhere.

Now it's the next morning, and you can't really remember much of what happened... but you need to find out before you head off into an uncertain future of university and adult responsibilities. Let's hope someone else remembers what you got up to.

'Quick Wit and Queasy Stomach' is the fifth and final game in the Quick Shakespeare series. It ran at Kapcon in 2018, and is a game for 16 players.

It draws on themes common to a lot of teen comedies: sex, drugs, a killer soundtrack, and people in their twenties and older pretending to be eighteen.


Game Details
Session: 2
Number of Players: 16
Restriction: PG
Genres: shakespeare, teen comedy, romance, new zealand
Costume: Jeans and a T-shirt are all that's required, but you're welcome to dedicate time to picking the perfect sneakers.