Tears of Heaven - FULL

run by ciarán searle

Rattled after the death of their party's paladin, our brave adventurers begin the last leg of their journey. The lich is defeated, but his phylactery must be carried to the purest waters in the lands, the waterfall known as the Tears of Heaven, for him to be destroyed once and for all.

This is the part of the fantasy adventure that isn't usually focused on. Do not expect a combat LARP.

This is a walking LARP. 

Through your journey and a series of watch encounters, you will hopefully gain a better understanding of your character and their relationships and role within the party. If all goes well, you will also save the world.


Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: 5-6
Restriction: Mobility required
Genres: fantasy
Costume: Basic fantasy. Comfort and practicality is better than authenticity here.