Bloody Memories - FULL

run by cheryl frederick

You came here for a meeting - a very important one. You are armed, well. Those you were meeting with lie all around you, just as dazed as you are, and just as well-armed. You cannot remember if they were friend or foe, or a mixture of both. In truth, you cannot remember anything, not even your own name, except for two very important facts:
Someone here is responsible for your memory loss.
And someone is trying to kill you.

A white-room gun-powder fantasy, where TPK is a real possibility. The world this game is set in has entered its renaissance, with scientific discoveries advancing at speed in conjunction with magical abilities. Fashion and society are similar to a slightly more egalitarian version of mainland Europe during the mid-late 17th century, with a feudal system of nobles in power. In a dark world where monsters walk freely, there are far more dangerous things around than the average human cut-throats on the street.

This game contains dark themes including but not limited to: murder/execution, torture, human sacrifice, mind control


Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 15
Restriction: Mature
Genres: fantasy, gunpowder fantasy, white room, black box, medieval, renaissance
Costume: Drawing from late medieval and early renaissance inspiration (think almost Musketeers), action-oriented