... if colours hated me - FULL

run by mel duncan

Statement begins...

I've been going to Scott's event Hydra ever since it began. A weekend away from the city, poor cellphone reception, friends, drinks, games. What a great way to relax. If by relax you mean "get hyped up on sugar and run yourself ragged having fun", which, lets be honest, I did. I didn't expect this year to be any different but shhxxkktytttssssshhhcccckkkttttt

Based on the Magnus Archives podcast. No knowledge of the show required.

Oh you think knowing more detail is going to help? Well, hope does spring eternal.

Something has gone horribly wrong at Hydra Larping convention, 2019. People are missing, and strangers are here, claiming to want to help. But who do they want to help? And why are they looking at you like you're a snack?


This is a horror game which involves running around outside at night. There will be every kind of horror, including body horror, cosmic horror, and gross things including bugs, meat, and fake blood. Avoiding them defeats the purpose of the game. There will probably be some black-box techniques (I haven't written it yet!). There will be quite a lot of asymmetrical play, and some of the players will start out as basically helpless compared to the others.

Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 20 (flexible)
Restriction: R18
Genres: nordic, dark, existing ip, experimental, horror
Costume: Modern, with a side of eldritch horror.