• Photo credit: © Norman Cates

    Jaguar gods, Hydra, 2012

  • Photo credit: © Norman Cates

    Hydra, 2013

Hydra is a live-action roleplaying convention held in Wellington. The fourth Hydra will be run over the weekend of 17 - 19 April 2015, at Brookfields Scout Camp in Wainuomata. 


by naomi

Game selection is live!

As of last night you can now signup for your games. Please contact us if you have any problems.

by naomi

Game selection

Game selection will open on Friday the 23rd of January! It will be a few days before people start being assigned to games, however the sooner you can get your game choices in the better. 

You will also get the chance to specify the one game you don't want to miss out on by assigning it a heart. When it comes to putting people into games, this will be taken into account.   

Here's a preview of the drag and drop game selection interface:

Choose your Games Hydra

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Michelle has confirmed that she will be coming back to cook at Hydra, which we are very happy about. There will be some changes to the menu so keep an eye out for that. We would also like someone to help out in the kitchen on Sunday, if you are interested in talking to me about this please get in contact.

by hydra


We are going to open up game selection this year soon after Kapcon (i.e in the week or so following the 18th of January). Please sign up now so we have a good idea of how many games are required. 

Hydra is also in need of a cook. All costs will be covered, plus a small payment for your time, free entry to games, and the adoration of hydra's attendees. Requirements to be able to cook meals for a large number of people on a set timetable, and be able to provide for a number of different dietary requirements. Get in touch if you are interested. See the details page for last year's menu.

by naomi

Editing and Tagging Games

If you have submitted a game for Hydra, you now have the ability to edit it. Head to the Run a Larp page, and select your game from the Games submitted menu (you must be logged in to see this).  Or, if your game has been approved, you can edit it from the game's detail page.

Genres can now be added to your games as tags. Tags are separated with spaces - a new tag will be created for each word. If you wish to use multi word tags, use the underscore_format. The underscores will be replaced with spaces in the game detail view. Feel free to tag with any genre you think will be useful for hydra attendees to filter by (see the Games page).