• Photo credit: © Norman Cates

    Jaguar gods, Hydra, 2012

  • Photo credit: © Norman Cates

    Hydra, 2013

Hydra is a live-action roleplaying convention held in Wellington. The fourth Hydra will be run over the weekend of 17 - 19 April 2015, at Brookfields Scout Camp in Wainuomata. 


by the hydra

Hydra 2015

Same Venue and all booked in for Friday 17th April 2015 until Sunday 19th April. More details and game lists to come. Hope to see you all there

by naomi

New Website

You may have noticed the site looks... a little different.  Its now running on Silverstripe. This should make the website much easier to maintain in the long run, and gives those entering content much more control. It hasn't been smoke tested yet, so please do report any bugs you encounter. I hope there is nothing too major, and we can iron them out over time.  

Because of the requirements of Silverstripe, we have also changed our hosting (and thus, our domain name).  We are now hosted with Digital Ocean