Larp of the Rings: It Comes in Pints

run by cody drysdale

In the town of Bree, at the much less reputable Inn of the Clumsy Carthorse, old friends, rivals and strangers shall cross paths a few months after Bilbo Baggins' famous journey to the Lonely Mountain and back, mysteries are abound and burglaries afoot, a werewolf has been seen in the area and tonight is a full moon

Another (less than) legendary tale is about to be begin with an all new group of misfits, miscreants and hobbits.

Written by Cody Drysdale,  IdiotSavant, Catnip, Evie Grey, Lisa Aronson and Leonie, 

It Comes in Pints is a small 10 player LARP with a lighthearted comedy/mystery vibe as characters eat food, tell tall tales, get drunk and solve mysteries.

Knowledge of Lord of the Rings is unnecessary but would probably make it more enjoyable

My best guess is that it'll take about 2 hours to run

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 10
Restriction: M (moderate themes and language)
Genres: fantasy, medieval romp, comedy, mystery
Costume: Low-mid Medieval Fantasy, Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit style, also a Tree