run by lee patrick

The date is somewhere in the 1800s.

Insanity is endemic among the female population. Symptoms include fornication, masturbation, over-education, manipulation, hallucinations, and mental over-stimulation.

Insanity could strike anyone, at any time, even you.

Especially you.

Standards for women's behaviour are high, and you have been judged and found wanting. For your own good and for the good of society, you have been institutionalised.


Your memories are... indistinct. You don't know how long you've been here, and you've already forgotten exactly where you are.


You know your name. You know the reason you're here.


Oh, and one more thing - you know that you can never, ever leave.


Content warning: This game contains rape/sexual assault, child sexual abuse and medical body horror.

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 10
Restriction: R16
Genres: horror, asylum, victorian
Costume: Very low-costume - black neutral clothing. Preferably no shoes/long coats etc. as the game takes place in darkness and they may be a safety hazard.